Our Journey...

Began when our son was diagnosed as autistic in 2014. He is happy most of the time with a smile that brightens our darkest days. He continues to surprise us each and every day, but is considered non-verbal and quite delayed in development. Despite that, we are one of the fortunate ones, as Autism has many ugly and often painful sides. Because of our son, my wife and I are always trying to find ways to get involved and do our part, so to speak. However we’re not affluent, nor well-versed in public engagement, but I am a graphic designer/web developer that can decently convey things visually and have knowledge of the web, so we decided to try to put that to good use.

From participating in events and just browsing the Web in general, we found that there were plenty Autism-themed apparel, but most aren’t visually pleasing and have messaging that can be construed as pity, negative or even confrontational. They might be appealing to some, but our intent with Atypical Supply is to create clothing that everyone can wear, whether it be the Autistic individuals or family and friends that simply want to show support. We want the apparel to be comfortable for a day out and fashionable enough to be worn with a nice pair of jeans on a night out. But most importantly we want our collection to start a positive conversation, especially with those who might not know what Autism is. After all, the more people are aware and accepting of Autism, the better it will be for individuals on the spectrum and our son’s future.

Hope you enjoy our collection!

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